The Londesborough Arms
Events List unless otherwise stated all events are free entry
  1. 8th Sept
    Ezee Goin
    Ezee Goin...we love this band and we hope you do too!
  2. 22nd September
    Beer Festival!!!
    Today is our beer festival!! 12pm Start until the beer is gone F Leakes will be here with a fantastic stalll for you to purchase snacks from along with CRAZY HORSES for your evening entertainment! Don't miss out!!!
  3. 29th Sept
    Skin the Lizard
    Another brilliant local rock band to entertain you!
  4. 6th Oct
    Young Influentials!
    Young Influentials!
    We had this band right at the start of the year and we loved them!!! Come and support some fantastic local talent!
  5. 27th Oct
    Halloween Disco
    Halloween Disco come and party with us!!
  6. 3rd Nov
    Private Party
    Private party from 7pm we do apologise!!